Hand Sanitizer Disinfectant Silicone Bracelet

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1.Material: Silicone TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
2.Flexible, durable, and smooth to the touch
3.Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap, warm water, and refill
4.Sizing: Adults Unisex - One Size Fits All
5.Ages 7 & Up - Use With Adult Supervision
6.Holds up to 6mL of liquid
7. The 8mm refill opening is wide enough to accommodate most product spouts
8. It is washable, wearable, and comes with two caps, one for loose liquids and the other for liquid gels.
9. Holds up to 6mL of liquids and is easy to refill.
10. Fill with your liquid of choice and press on the wristband's logo to dispense at your leisure.
11. This ideal for those who travel, work in health care, service industries, and just about anyone else.
12.Makes the perfect gift for yourself and loved ones.

Material: Silicone
Tips: Need to be scheduled for growth and longer processing time. It is recommended to buy private inventory

Package contains:
1 * Bracelet
1 * Bottle
set1: pink + black + yellow + blue
set2 pink + black + yellow + blue + black + black
Pack 1: 1black+1white+1blue+1purple
Pack 2: 1black+1white +2 blue+ 2 purple
Pack 3: 2black+2white+2blue+2purple